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The formula is also suitable for cubic feet.

Calculate the volume of a Dutch gable roof

– Metric form gives cubic meters / m3
– Fill out meters with decimals (e.g. 1 or 1.2 or 1.23)
– Decimals with a point ‘.’ , not a comma ‘,’

– Imperial form gives cubic feet
– Fill out ‘0 inches’ if you have only feet.


Dutch gable roof | isometric view

Dutch gable roof | top view

About the Dutch gable roof

A Dutch gable roof is actually a hip roof with a small triangular gable, called a ‘gablet’, at each end of the ridge.

The gable is the triangular portion of a facade above eave level between intersecting roof planes. You’ll often see highly ornamented gablets with, for example, finials, crosshatching, paneling, or crockets.

A Dutch gable roof has a gable above a hip. The gable section is at the top and the hipped part is lower down. The opposite is also possible. In other words a roof with a hip above a gable. The hipped part is at the top and the gable section is lower down. This roof has a different name, and is known as a half-hip roof.

Synonyms Dutch gable roof

Depending on the country or region, you’ll also hear the Dutch gable roof (US/AUS) referred to as a gablet roof (UK).

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