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The formula is also suitable for cubic feet.

Calculate the volume of a Tented roof

– Metric form gives cubic meters / m3
– Fill out meters with decimals (e.g. 1 or 1.2 or 1.23)
– Decimals with a point ‘.’ , not a comma ‘,’

– Imperial form gives cubic feet
– Fill out ‘0 inches’ if you have only feet.


Tented roof | isometric view

Tented roof | top view

About the Tented roof

A tented roof is a variant of a polygonal hip roof consisting of four or more triangular roof planes meeting at a point. Triangular roof planes may or may not be of the same dimensions.

Because tented and other hip roofs have no gables, they can withstand stronger winds and are therefore seen more frequently in rural areas.

A tented roof on a square floor plan has four equally sized triangular roof planes and is then called a pyramid roof or a square hip roof.
When its roof planes are very steep, it can also be referred to as a tower roof. Often, tower roofs consist of more than four roof planes.
A tented roof on a circular floor plan is called a conical roof or a cone roof.

Synonyms tented roof

You’ll hear many different terms used for the tented roof, for example pavilion roof, polygonal hip roof, pyramid roof, tower roof, gazebo roof, square hip roof.

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