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The formula is also suitable for cubic feet.

Calculate the volume of a Gable roof

– Metric form gives cubic meters / m3
– Fill out meters with decimals (e.g. 1 or 1.2 or 1.23)
– Decimals with a point ‘.’ , not a comma ‘,’

– Imperial form gives cubic feet
– Fill out ‘0 inches’ if you have only feet.


Gable roof | isometric view

calculate content of gable-roof

Gable roof | top view

About the Gable roof

A gable roof consists of two sloping roof planes that intersect along the ridge to form an inverted ‘V’, i.e. a Λ-shape.
The triangular portion of a facade above eave level between intersecting roof planes is called a gable.

Due to its simplicity, the gable roof is the most common roof type you’ll see in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Generally speaking, the gable roof’s roof planes are symmetrical, but when its roof planes vary in length and/or pitch (slope), you refer to it as an asymmetrical gable roof or catslide roof.

Synonyms gable roof

You’ll come across a wide range of other names for the gable roof depending on the region or country, for example, double-pitched roof, double pitch roof, dual-pitched roof, gabled roof, pack-saddle roof, peaked roof, ridge roof, ridged roof, saddle roof, saddleback roof, span roof.

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