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Truncated hip roof | skeleton

Truncated hip roof | formula


The formula is also suitable for cubic feet.

Calculate the volume of a Truncated hip roof

– Metric form gives cubic meters / m3
– Fill out meters with decimals (e.g. 1 or 1.2 or 1.23)
– Decimals with a point ‘.’ , not a comma ‘,’

– Imperial form gives cubic feet
– Fill out ‘0 inches’ if you have only feet.


Truncated hip roof | isometric view

Truncated hip roof | top view

About the Truncated hip roof

The truncated hip roof is a variant of the hip roof where the ridge is flattened.

A hip roof’s roof planes run from each facade and intersect along a ridge (or meet at a point in the case of a tented roof). But in the case of a truncated hip roof, its sloping roof planes connect to a flat roof, which generally has a different roof finishing.

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Truncated hip roof | location Kerkdriel – the Netherlands
Truncated hip roof | location Kerkdriel – the Netherlands